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SAGITTARIUS - September 2020 Horoscope


Hi Sagittarius,

At the start of the month, we have a grand trine happening in Earth over in your 2nd, 6th, and 10th house. This is the perfect time to set in motion some of the goals and aspirations that you have for yourself. Earth energy is all about grounding in the physical world. Any long-term goals that you have for yourself should have a feeling of ease around this time. You should see this energy quite profoundly in the money that you make (2nd house), your health and daily routines (6th house), as well as your career (10th house).


The first card that I have for you is Creative Project

At the moment, you currently have Mars in your 5th house of fun and creativity. I feel like for a long while, it's just been really hard to get out there and have some fun. It has also been very difficult to get out there and create. With Chiron in your 5th house, there may be some pain and trauma related to sectors of your 5th house such as your creative projects, kids, your talent, or just plain fun. With Mars in your 5th house of Aries for the rest of the year, you're coming into a period where you're meant to re-experience just that. Fun. Creative play. It's time you get yourself out there and have some fun!


Mid-month, we have Release & Surrender

With Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all in your 2nd house of Capricorn, there are some outdated ideas that you have in terms of your value system that you are being challenged to let go of. This isn't an easy process. As these ideals are connected to your value system, a lot of these shifts are hitting you quite profoundly as they are also directly impacting other areas of your life. In particular, your status in the world (10th house), the way your friends and society sees you (11th house), and your romantic dating life (5th house). In addition, you also have the south node in your sign of Sagittarius calling you to let go of parts of your self that no longer resonate so that you may rise to who you are truly meant to be. 

This is why this card has shown up. You've gone through many uphill battles over the last few years, but the energy that's happening right now is supporting you to let it all go. Let go of the burdens that you are carrying because they no longer serve you. Allow them to leave so that fresh new energy can come through. Once you let go of the baggage, you'll create space for new energy to flow, causing in turn for more creative play to enter into your life. 


The last card that I have is Be Honest With Yourself

At the end of the month, we have a yod pointing to Venus in Leo in your 9th house. Your 9th house is the house of beliefs, truth, travel, exploration, and wisdom. It is also the house associated with your sign, Sagittarius. Whenever you see a yod, also known as the Finger of God, you'll notice that your energy will be focused towards that particular sector of your life. In this case, your belief system. With Venus here, I'm sensing that there will be a shift in the way that you relate to love and money matters. With it being in the sign of Leo, maybe you haven't been able to express your love in the grand and dramatic way that you are normally used to. Perhaps for the last few years, you've been holding yourself back due to the fear of opening up your heart. With this card, it's getting you to take a step back and to tap into your heart space a little more. Venus is also creating a beautiful trine to Mars in your 5th house, so definitely anything that you can do to open up your heart space and taking action, will benefit you both monetarily and in a romantic sense by the end of the month. But to tap into that energy, you do need to get honest with yourself and figure out what it is that your heart truly wants.


And so Sagittarius, that concludes your reading for September. Have a great month and see you in October.