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PISCES - September 2020 Horoscope

Hi Pisces,

Beginning of the month, we have the Sun and Mercury in your 7th house of close personal and business relationships. Its creating a grand trine in earth over to your 11th and 3rd house. The 11th house is associated with your goals, your gains, and community. The third house is connected to your siblings, communication, and short-distance travel. With a grand trine, it indicates effortless and harmonious energy in these sectors of your life for the first week of September. With it being in earth, and with this energy being connected to people, you’ll find that these connections will help with solidifying some sort of long-term endeavor that you have been structurally building for yourself. Something that could possibly give you financial gain.

It could be that you have been working really hard on your finances at this time. With Chirion in your 2nd house, there is some deep hurt in relation to your value system or money. Perhaps you took a big hit and you’re now healing from that. With Mars currently in your 2nd house until the end of the year, you’ll find that the way you exert action will be very driven, assertive, and at times impulsive.

Careful in the first week of September, as Mars is forming a cardinal t-square over to your 5th and 11th house. T-squares are tension that I feel manifests in the physical world. So with t-squares it creates friction of trying to balance. Think of a 3 legged table. It needs the 4th leg in order to balance.

So the easiest way for me to explain this is to paint you a picture.

So let’s say you’re working really hard to create physical wealth for yourself. The 2nd house is all about money that you make. As it’s at the apex, this is the source of where your energy is for the time-being. However, with venus in the 5th house, it’s creating a square. Maybe whoever it is that you’re romantically connected to at this time is giving you a hard time because they feel like you don’t care or are unable to attend to their emotional needs. And then of course there's your 11th house of friends and community. Maybe your friends are giving you crap for not being available to them. But with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, I feel that you’re going through a major shift in your social circle in that, you’re in a sense going through a purging of who gets to stay in your life. In any case, you’re being stretched. The way to offset this energy is to go into your 8th house.

The 8th house is connected to things that are deep and taboo in nature. So this can be sex, the occult, death, transformation. It’s the house of secrets, it’s the house of intimacy. If you go into this house, you will find your balance.

The first card I have for you is Giving and Receiving.

I know you’re being challenged right now and you’re being pulled in different directions, but try to also dedicate some time towards spending it with the people that you love. If you’re unable to exert yourself, communicate it. You have the North Node in Gemini in your 4th house up until next year. The North Node is creating a square to your Sun. It’s creating a challenge for you to grow. You’re being challenged to speak. Gemini is quick and to the point. So even if it’s just a quick, "Hey, i’m busy. Thinking of you. Will touch base when i’m done..." A message that simple can go a long way. 

The second card that I have for you is See Only Love.

So mid-month, i’m going to draw your attention back to the sun in your 7th house. Wherever the Sun falls, is where you will find your mind wandering to for the month of September. As it is in your 7th house, the idea of partnership is going to weigh very heavily on your mind. With your 7th house being ruled by Virgo, you may have a tendency of choosing partners who are service-driven, critical, and have perfectionist tendencies. It can be easy for you to also slip into that mode and criticize your partner. Try not to. It’s going to cause some unnecessary disharmony between those you love and with this card showing up, it’s saying that if it’s a connection worth investing into, try to accept and to love the person for who they are without trying to change them.

At the end of the month, we have a yod pointing to Venus in your 6th house of work and daily routines. With this transit, you’ll find work to be quite fulfilling at this time. It will also create a trine over to mars in your 2nd, so again, there could be potential for some some financial gain to come through, so long as you’re doing something that you love and are passionate about.

The last card I have for you is Cupid. 

With this card, I feel that it is saying that while yes, it’s good to shift your focus into building a foundation for yourself, your relationships and those you care for are important to. With the sun moving into your 8th house in Libra, you might find yourself thinking about sharing what it is that you are building. You get more out of your achievements if you’re able to share it with the people that you love. But if you don’t spend time to strengthen those relationships, there could be a possibility that they’ll get tired of your avoidant tendencies and just leave. So if you are in a connection that you see yourself committing yourself to, find the time to strengthen it.


And so Pisces, that concludes your reading for September. Have a great month and see you in October.