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LEO - September 2020 Horoscope

 Hi Leo,

Beginning of the month, we have the Sun in your 2nd house of money and values. Perhaps around this time, you’re taking the time to get to know what exactly it is that you love and value. The Sun is making a grand trine in earth to your 6th and 10th house. The 6th house is your work and daily routines and your 10th house is your career and public status. I feel that how you currently feel about your values is going through a dramatic shift. We also have your Sun squaring Uranus in your 10th house, putting you through erratic and unexpected changes in relation to how the public sees you. With this energy it’s best to just go with it, rather than fight it.

I know as a Leo, you have have the enduring ability to fight for what you believe in. But I think right now, especially with having Chiron in your 9th house as well as Mars in Aries in your 9th house for a total of 6 months, you’re starting to really question what exactly it is that you believe in. I feel some of the beliefs that you’ve held for a long time are going into a different direction. Maybe those beliefs have caused some deep hurts and you’re still healing from them. It’s best to honour the process and know that it’s okay to change your mind about what it is that you believe in. And to leave judgement at the door.

The first card I have for you is Listen. 

As a Leo, I know that it’s sometimes hard for you to listen. You’re so used to marching to the beat of your own drum and leading other people, but taking a step back and getting counsel is a good thing. Sometimes to get what you want,  you need to take the time to retreat and to listen to what other people may have to say.

At the beginning of the month we have Neptune in Pisces in your 8th house creating a trine over to Venus in your 12th house. This is very psychic energy. I feel like this counsel is going to come from your guides. It will either come as a thought, a gut-instinct, or in your dreams. If you are a writer, just free-flow and see what comes up. This is how you are going to get your messages. But you’ll need to retreat from society for a bit to listen.

Mid-month, we have quite a lot of action happening in your 6th house of health and daily routines. Maybe with the return of school and the end of summer, you’re starting to really feel the weight of our current pandemic. With Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your 6th, I would advise in taking necessary precautions. It will give you peace of mind as well as a sense of structure following health advisories. With the square over to Mercury in the 3rd house, you may come across some resistance in accepting facts about the virus. With it being in libra, there’s potential for these facts to come from those who are closest to you. But as always, use your own judgement to assess whether or not those facts resonate with you.


The second card I have is Family. 

I feel that your family is going to be a source of comfort around this time. Particularly your siblings or neighbours who feel like my family. Lean on them as they will give you the support you need during this time.

Lastly, we have Venus in your sign for the last few weeks of September. This is feel-good energy as Venus is going to surround you with a warm glow of love and beauty. Careful though, this energy can also make you feel lazy and indulgent. So try to create a balance.

The last card I have for you is Wedding, so there could be potential to spark up an existing relationship or take steps into entering into a relationship that could lead to marriage.


At the end of the month, we have a yod, pointing to Venus in your 1st house. A yod is a finger of god. When a yod appears, you’ll find your energy being pulled towards that sector of your life. In the 1st house, you’re being challenged to assess yourself. Do you love and value yourself? Do you feel good? Are you taking time out in your life to pamper yourself? Are your needs getting met in a relationship? As a Leo,you love to shower those you love with gifts and affection. But are you getting the same? Take the end of the month to really focus on these questions and dive into the answers.


And so Leo, that concludes your reading for September. Have a great month and see you in October.