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CAPRICORN - September 2020 Horoscope

Hi Capricorn,

Beginning of the month, we have a grand trine in Earth, bringing you some ease and happiness. Yes, you have gone through a lot over the last few years but I promise you that you will see the fruits of your labour once Saturn leaves Capricorn (end of the year). The hard work and patience will be worth it. 

With the first week of September, you should feel some ease in your 1st, 5th, and 9th house. The 1st house rules the body and appearance, 5th rules your romance life and creativity, and 9th rules higher learning, wisdom, religion, and long distance travel. 

With the sun illuminating your 9th house, your mind is wide open to soaking up knowledge from those wiser than you. You have gone through more than your share of challenges that have completely shook up your foundation to it's core. Yes, it's been rough but this breakdown of structure is happening so that you can rise and create a structure for yourself that is more in alignment to who you truly are. With the 5th house being activated, perhaps your creativity in the past has been stifled. With Uranus in your 5th house, expect to see some shakeups in your romantic life as well as in the way you express your creativity. I feel that creatively, you've been holding yourself back. I think it's time that you find the courage to break free and allow for the world to see the creative genius that you are, rather than keeping it under lock and key. Don't hold back.


The first card I have for you is Heart Chakra

Again with the 5th house being activated, I feel that this month will have you truly tapping into your heart space and asking yourself some deep questions. What do you love? Are you doing it? Are you not? How can you put yourself into a better position so that you are incorporating things that are more heart-centered and not so practical? There's an opportunity this month to blend both practicality and creative expression. Take advantage of the energy and use it.  


The second card I have for you is Listen


As a Capricorn, it is very difficult for you to accept the un-explainable such as tarot, astrology, or spirits without concrete proof. It's not that you don't want to believe; it's just that for you to become a believer, you need the system to be proven to you. And you need the person to prove it to you to be an expert. With Neptune transiting your 3rd house over the last few years, you've come into a period in your life where the messages and conversations that you are partaking in are a bit more intuitive and mystical than usual. It's like spirituality or exploring what spirituality means to you has become the new normal. With the Listen card, I'm getting that your own personal guides want to share messages with you. You just have to be open to receiving the message. If you're not ready, that's okay. But if you are, they want to talk. If you need help accessing your guides, I would recommend going into a quiet space and quieting your mind. Take 3 deep and slow breathes. Inhaling for 3 and exhaling for 3. Continue the process until you feel that your mind has relaxed. As your mind starts to drift, watch what comes up without prejudice. Just let whatever wants to come through come through. If that does not resonate, you could also explore your dreams or giving automatic writing a try. Automatic writing would be just writing without censorship for 10 minutes. You'll be amazed what wants to come out if you just let it. 


Lastly, the final card I have is Acceptance

With Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your 1st house, this year in particular has been extremely difficult. As all of this is happening in your 1st house, what is essentially happening is that you are going through a complete re-invention of yourself. Who you were in the past is no longer resonating with who you are now. And no matter how hard you try to cling onto that old life, it still manages to slip from your fingers. With Mars in your 4th house squaring all of these planets in Capricorn, you're being challenged to re-structure your roots. Completely rebuild and take action to solidify something solid that you actually love doing. Not out of duty but because it's what you love and what you want to do. 

The Acceptance card has come up to affirm that you are changing and that change can be good. Yes, it has been difficult. Yes, you are tired. But trust me, it will all be worth it. 

And so Capricorn, that concludes your reading for September. Have a great month and see you in October.