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CANCER - September 2020 Horoscope

 Hi Cancer,

Beginning of the month, we have the Sun in your 3rd house. You want to talk and you have a lot to say. With you being a water sign, maybe you’ve kept all of these emotions hidden and bubbling under the surface, but now you’re ready. Now, you want to speak your truth and you don’t care if anyone has anything negative to say about it.




The first card I pulled for you is encouraging this as it is: Go for it! 


Cancer, I feel that you are very stressed. And that the core of all this stress is rooted in your career or your status in the world. This in turn is affecting how you see yourself as well as you’re dealing with your relationships. We have a t-square in your 1st, 7th, and 10th house. To gain some relief, I want you to focus more on nurturing yourself at home. Create a space in which you can hermit when you feel like life is becoming too much. With your 4th house in Libra, this space will be impeccable and beautiful. Retreating and connecting either in your emotional world or with your family is going to create the balance that your soul is craving.

Although there is a lot of stress happening in the beginning of the month, we do have a grand trine in earth covering your 11th, 3rd and 7th house. Pay attention to the people in your life around this time. Could be your friends or acquaintances, your partner, or your siblings or neighbours. Either way, there is a high chance of being able to gain some financial stability through your network if you also take the leap in getting yourself out there. Of course, with socially distanced measures enforced.


Second card that we have is: Ground yourself. 

With this card, I feel that in September, we are working on re-building that confidence. Currently, you have Venus in your sign. This energy is perfect for taking the first week of the month to pamper and indulge yourself in self-care. Beauty treatments, baking, cozying up with a blanket watching Netflix... anything that makes you feel happy, do it. It’s grounding and you need that right now.


Mid month, we have Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your 7th house of close personal and romantic relationships. It’s creating an opposition with your Sun which is causing some un-grounding. I want you to take a minute and see where it is in your relationships that you are trying to control and manipulate. What pain are you holding onto that you no longer have to? Wouldn’t it be easier to just let it go and let the tears carry it away? It would free you and allow yourself to create the basis for something new to appear.

With the new moon in Virgo mid-month, seek facts. Get the information that you are seeking and write it down. With the new moon happening in your 3rd house, I feel that you are entering into a period where facts and truth will be important. Yes, it’s good to rely on your gut instinct, but while the North Node is in Gemini, knowing the facts and knowing the truth and combining it with your innate gut instinct will help you make the best assessments for yourself. I also see siblings and neighbours taking a big focus around this time.


Lastly, our final card is The Ocean.

For the end of the month, I want to touch-base again with the North Node in Gemini. You currently have the North Node in your 12th house of dreams and spirituality. With you being a psychic sign, you’ll notice that as the year progresses, you will become naturally more and more sensitive. We have Mercury in your 8th house. The 8th house rules all things secretive and taboo. It rules, death, rebirth, and transformation. You have Neptune in the 9th house. The 9th house rules higher learning and beliefs. You also have your first house in cancer, which rules your self and identity. Together, it creates a grand trine in water. A grand trine in water creates the ability to heal, to feel other people’s emotions, and to pick up on things in the psychic realm. You will start to feel this energy quite profoundly at the end of the month and will progressively get stronger well into October.

With the ocean card, I recommend taking baths or showers just to help cleanse the negative emotions that you naturally subconsciously pick up on. Just imagine the shower being filled with white light and the light cleansing you of the energy of the day. You can also do this metaphorically without actually taking a shower. You can also ask your guides to take away any energy that isn’t yours or isn’t serving you, and you should immediately feel some relief.


And so Cancer, that concludes your reading for September. Have a great month and see you in October.