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AQUARIUS - September 2020 Horoscope

Hi Aquarius,

Beginning of the month, you have a grand trine in Earth happening in your psychic houses. Exciting as during the first week of September, it will be so much easier for you to ground all of your psychic downloads into the physical realm. With you being an air sign, it can be so easy to come up with a bunch of really cool, forward-thinking ideas. But then that's where the challenge starts; those ideas continue to be just that. Ideas. But with this energy that is about to happen, those ideas can actually start to come into fruition so long as you put in the work. If there are some ideas that you want to ground and have had trouble grounding, now is the time to do so as you will be energetically supported. 


The first card that I have for you is Joy

With this card, I see that you are in a period of where you just want to have fun. You want to play, date, be romanced, and be creative. You also want to do a bunch of things at once. Because your 5th house is ruled by Gemini and because we have the North Node transiting that sector of your chart, you are being supported to do all of that. If you can, incorporate your communication skills as Gemini rules all things communication. Expressing yourself creatively is going to bring you a lot of joy over the next year.

As the South Node is in your 11th house, your goals and gains may also be changing. That's okay, let it. With the North Node in your 5th house, it's all about your creative expression. Not the creative expression of other people. Not creating content for what the masses would like. But for making things simply because it makes you happy. 


The second card I have for you is Steady Progress


There is a lot that you want to do. You want to do this and that. And incorporate a little bit of this into that. It's just a lot. But because you are so focused, you'll get it done eventually. It's just frustrating because no matter how hard you try, you're just not getting to where you know you should be at the velocity in which you are seeing in your head. 

The reason for this is because you have quite the stellium happening in your 12th house of Capricorn. The 12th house rules things that are hidden such as hospitals, ashrams, monasteries, and prison. And so it's kind of difficult to push things out onto the world when at the moment the universe wants you to be hidden. 

However, you are nearing the end of it. Once Saturn and Jupiter leave Capricorn and enter into your sign at the end of the year, it will be go time! There will be no stopping you as you are a force to be reckoned with. As you are the sign of the Humanitarian, these ideas that you have are not necessarily because they will benefit you, but because they will also impact and help society in some sort of way. So until then, do all the boring foundational work that you can in secret so that once both Saturn and Jupiter leave Capricorn, you can go into your projects with the utmost force and drive. 


Your last card is Focus on Service

As a true humanitarian, everything that you do is aligned for the betterment of other people. Whatever it is that you create, at the back of your mind, you are also thinking, "Will people like this and get value out of it?" With Venus in your 7th house of Leo and Mars in your 3rd house of Aries, it is creating a beautiful trine. Trines are ease and harmony. With Mars being in retrograde, perhaps, some of the actions that you choose to take at the end of the month will be put forth due to some actions that you have made in the past. With Chiron in your 3rd, perhaps there are some wounds in relation to how it is that you communicate. Perhaps the messages that you meant to say weren't heard in the way that they were intended. With Mars there until the end of the year, it's giving you an opportunity to turn those communication wounds into a valuable asset. One in which you could even utilize to create a new steam of income for yourself with the trine over to Venus.

I know earlier I had mentioned to create things for yourself, but if you are also wanting some love and financial abundance to come into your life, perhaps you could incorporate a bit of this route. It'll be hard because you're so rational and tend to detach from anything emotional. But if you want these things to come through, there will be a period where you will need to get real and take that leap into the vulnerable sea of your trauma. 

Chiron is the wounded healer. It keeps going and is able heal everyone but himself. With Chiron currently in your 3rd house you have the opportunity to help people become better communicators. They can learn from your mistakes as you hold much wisdom in this field. If this at all resonates, give it a chance.

And so Aquarius, that concludes your reading for September. Have a great month and see you in October.