MARS IN ARIES: Time for Battle

2020. What a year.

We started the year off with the Australian bush fires, experienced a world-wide pandemic, hoarded toilet paper, became TikTok stars, collectively came together in support of the “Black Live Matter” movement, and are now apprehensively waiting to see what else the year has in store for us.


On June 28th, Mars, the ruler of action came home to it’s home-sign of Aries. Typically, a planet stays in a sign for 1.5 months, but this year, thanks to the retrograde, it is staying in Aries for an unusual time of 6 months. 

What does that even mean? How will this affect me? 

It’s go-time. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for and it’s time that you find the courage to slip into that armor and embody that fighting spirit.

I want you to take a moment to think back and reflect upon what it was that you were so enthusiastic and excited for earlier this year. Think back to around Aries Season (March 20-April 20). What was it that gave you drive? Chances are you had a spike in energy - both creatively and physically. You either utilized that energy and channeled it into fitness and/or decided it was time to create or start something new; maybe even tackling a multitude of projects. Either way, the energy was exciting; enthusiasm was brimming and you couldn’t wait to get started! 

But as time passed by, reality began to settle in and some of those ideas, as brilliant as they may have been, were subconsciously talked out of and were most likely cast aside and forgotten.


Or atleast that’s what you thought. I bet you those ideas are now re-surfacing? But instead of feeling wide-eyed and excited, there is probably an underlying feeling of uncertainty and of possible failure. And that’s okay. Feel it, recognize it, and own up to it. Use those emotions as fuel; you’re going to need it.

With this energy, we are being challenged to embody something new. To change, to grow, and to be comfortable in trying things that we have never done before. That in itself takes immense amounts of courage and bravery.

These little events are your battles. They are your wounds and could be massive blows to the ego. But that is ok. Get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. Emotions over the next 6 months may feel unsettling, angry, aggressive, and at times even childish. But on the upside, once those lower vibrations have passed through your system, you’ll find yourself experiencing the upside of Aries energy: enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity, and drive.

My advise: take things slow and live in the present. Have the awareness that the next 6 months may be uncomfortable and challenging, but always bring it back to the present moment as it will make shifting so much easier. 

There is so much to say about this transit that it would be impossible to write it out in just one blog post. So as the months pass, I will be writing more and further elaborate on the astrology along with the relationship dynamic of the planets for those who want to see that. 

Until then, take care.


Xo Dimensional Beauty